Roof Wind Damage

The most common elements that effect your roof are wind, hail and rain.

Wind can blow shingles off your roof which is noticeable from the ground, but in many cases wind damage goes unnoticed until you find that you are having leaks in your home showing up with dripping of water or water stains on ceilings. This is happens when wind blows your shingles up during a storm breaking the seal from one shingle to another trapping wind debris under the shingle, the shingle is not ripped off the roof so all appears well for now.

Over time rain water seeps under the shingle damaging your roof decking along with your attic insulation as well as your drywall and personal belongings. With a slow leak like this far greater damage is done in the long run.   Hail in a storm smashes into your roof knocking the granules from your shingles, with less granules your shingles age prematurely leaving them susceptible to cracking and eventually leaking.

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