Clayton Restoration has been repairing and installing seamless gutters on St. Louis homes and commercial buildings for more than 30 years.

Gutters have been called “the unsung heroes of roof water management” for a reason. Just one inch of rainfall on an average-size roof adds up to 1,900 gallons of water rushing down and off the eaves. That amount of water can cause an awful lot of damage if your gutters aren’t in good shape to tackle the job. But rarely do we give our gutters a second thought… that is, until they’re overflowing, or ripped from their moorings by heavy snow or ice.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how the individual parts of a gutter system work together:

  • Gutter. Captures water shedding off roof.
  • End cap. Closes the end of the gutter.
  • Fascia bracket. Attaches to eaves and supports gutters from below.
  • Downspout. Moves water from gutter to ground.
  • Downspout bracket. Secures the downspout to the side of the house.
  • Elbow. Changes the direction of a downspout.

Gutters were originally manufactured and sold only in pieces. While this allowed for mass-production of gutters that could be cut and sealed to fit almost any home, it wasn’t the most ideal approach because having seams means there is a chance for leaks. Seamless gutters, on the other hand, are formed from one piece of metal—other than corner pieces, which must be seamed— that can be molded to length and installed as a single piece.

There are many benefits of seamless gutters, namely that they:

  • Minimize leaks. Seams can wear away over time, increasing the chance of water escaping the gutter and getting into your basement or foundation.
  • Are attractive and can add to the value of your home
  • Help to strengthen the entire gutter system against expansion, contraction, freezing and strong winds
  • Are easier to clean

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