Clayton Restoration - Commercial Roofing

Clayton Restoration has been repairing and installing BUR roofing systems on St. Louis buildings for more than 30 years.

There are essentially two categories of asphalt roofing for commercial buildings. The most common of these is Built-Up Roofing (BUR). BUR roofing systems, also called Tar & Gravel roofs have been used on commercial roofs for more than 100 years.

These roofing systems are typically made from alternating layers of bitumen (asphalt or coal tar) and reinforcing fabrics that are applied hot and left to cool and create a finished membrane. This membrane is then covered with gravel, or another weather resistant coating.

BUR roofing systems offer several strong qualities that have made it quite popular for commercial buildings:

  1. Multi-layer Protection. Several layers of bitumen create a water-resistant barrier that makes this roof reliable and durable.
  2. Thermal Performance. BUR roofing systems are highly resistant to heat, which reduces heating and cooling costs for building owners.
  3. Resistance to Extreme Conditions. BUR roofing systems meet strict fire resistance requirements and will hold up against extreme wind and weather conditions.
  4. Cost Efficiency. The price of a BUR roofing system is highly competitive, especially considering that it will last up to 40 years.

BUR roofing systems are ideal for most low slope commercial roofs. The higher the quality of the BUR materials and asphalt used and the greater the number of layers, the more superior the roofing system will be.

Clayton Restoration is your local BUR roofing specialist. We are recognized for exceptional installations and quality repairs at the best price.

We are also experts in metal roofing, architectural shingles, asphalt shingles, slate, Tile, Flat, Gable and Shed/Garage roofs.

At Clayton Restoration, our number one goal is to earn “customers for life.” We are never just after a quick sale!