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Clayton Restoration has been repairing and installing flat roofs on commercial buildings in St. Louis for more than 30 years.

Although the vast majority of commercial buildings appear to have a flat roof, there actually is a slight slope. For this reason, flat roofs are also referred to as “low-slope” due to the fact that no roof is truly “flat.”

There are several benefits to having a flat roof on your commercial building:

  1. It’s cost efficient. Why? Two main reasons: less material is used and it’s easier for contractors to install, so labor costs are lower.
  2. It simplifies inspections. Let’s face it, owning a business means you’ll have to content with frequent inspections. A flat roof makes it easier (and safer!) for inspectors to quickly do their job so that you can get back to doing yours.
  3. It provides more space. And for business owners, more space equates to higher revenue.

With all of these benefits in mind, it’s important to also understand that flat roofs are more susceptible to certain problems that, left unaddressed, could cause severe damage to your building. These include:

Ponding. Flat roofs are particularly vulnerable to ponding after rain or snow, which can lead to cracks, leaks and structural problems if not repaired quickly.

Build up. Snow and ice buildup
is common after a heavy snowfall or dramatic changes in temperature. Left untended, this can lead to blocked drains, roof splitting and ponding. Have a licensed professional remove snow and ice as soon as possible.

Blistering. Raised, sponge-like surfaces on your roof are usually signs of blistering. While some small air blisters may not be cause for immediate concern, larger blisters can pop, exposing the roof and allowing water to seep through.

Splitting. This is often the result of not paying attention to the above listed warning signs.

Penetrating, clogging and drain debris are other potential problems with a flat or low-slope roof.

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