Clayton Restoration - Residential Roofing

Clayton Restoration has been repairing and installing on commercial low-slope roofs on St. Louis buildings for more than 30 years.

Low-slope and flat roofs are the same thing. Low-slope is a more accurate name for this style of roof because there really is no such thing as a truly flat roof.

Did You Know: Water weighs more than 8 lbs. per gallon.

All roofs are sloped to drain water so that it doesn’t pool on the roof causing leaks and serious damage. A low slope roof will have a pitch between 3-12 inches.

In addition to ponding, buildup, blistering and splitting, low-slope roofs are susceptible to penetrations, clogging and drain debris. Selecting the appropriate roofing materials is critical to ensuring your building is protected.

Did You Know: Keeping your flat commercial roof clean and free of debris will prevent leaves, branches, dirt and pollen from creating poor drainage or ponding.

Shingles can be installed on a low-slope roof but a self-adhered layer of ice and water guard must be installed to prevent water from entering the structure. It is highly recommended that flat and low-slope roofs be covered with a membrane system. Clayton Restoration offers two commercial grade solutions for this application: EPDM and TPO.

Because there are so many insulation requirements, roof membrane requirements and other factors complicating your choice of commercial roofing, it’s best to consult a licensed roofing contractor.

We are also experts in metal roofing, architectural shingles, asphalt shingles, slate, Tile, Flat, Mansard, Gable, Hip and Shed/Garage roofs.

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