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Clayton Restoration has been repairing and installing mansard roofs on St. Louis homes for more than 30 years.

The Mansard roof is named for Francois Mansart, a 17th century French architect and the “Father of French Classical Architecture.”

Also called a “French roof,” this four-sided roof has a double slope on each side. The slopes meet to form a low-pitch. Its sides can be flat or curved. Like any roof style, the characteristics of a Mansard roof offer both pros and cons for homeowners.

The case for a Mansard roof:

  1. Creates loads of extra living space in the form of a full attic or additional living quarters.
  2. Lends itself to open or closed dormers for more aesthetic appeal.
  3. Adds character and curb appeal to your home
  4. Offers the flexibility for home additions down the road. A garret or dormers can be added in the future, giving homeowners the ability to add on as their families grow and needs change.

The case against a Mansard roof:

  1. Its low-pitched section isn’t ideal for regions that receive heavy snowfall.
  2. The embellishments and details can mean higher cost

The top of a mansard roof is typically broad and flat. The lower pitch is available in three silhouettes:

  1. Convex (outwardly curved, in an “S” or bell shape)
  2. Concave (inwardly curved or flared)
  3. Steeply angled

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